A mindless struggle: why can’t we act like ‘rational human beings’?

The conflict between the nations of India and Pakistan is one which spans decades. It isn’t a story you’d expect to hear about two nations which share cultural and traditional roots; it is a story of mindless hatred and endless strife between two nations that aren’t so different. They can be compared to two siblings, squabbling over petty things rather than choosing to work towards rebuilding their relationship. The only difference is that these squabbles come at the cost of innumerable lives.

No rational human being, upon seeing the blood of innocents spilled, would demand more bloodshed as retribution for it. After all, one would hopefully reason, how can you attempt to ease the wounds in the families of the victims by afflicting the same wounds on more families? Sadly though, this is not the sentiment we saw echoed in the channels of active communication. We saw our ‘peaceful’ citizens baying for the blood of the ‘enemy’, clamouring for an escalation to a full-blown war. This they did in the comforts of their armchair by the fireplace, with no regard to the struggles the soldier manning the border faces in this harsh winter. They do not understand the logistics and the modalities of war: do they even fathom the loss of lives that would be required to satisfy their lust for blood? I don’t think so; yet, they hold no qualms.

In light of this entire incident, I must ask this one question. Why are we so intent on perpetuating this feud? This is an alarming issue, which insinuates a worrying truth about us. This mindless perpetuation of cries for war, support for human right violations, and the like shows that mankind is losing its humanity. It may not seem to be apparent, but it is happening everyday. There are an innumerable acts of terrorism that take place on a daily basis, which perpetuate and accentuate a division where none exist. The horrendous events that unfolded in Christchurch this week are testament to this division in society. The only thing that stands in the way of a peaceful society is a subset of society itself.

I understand that there will always be those who have beliefs that are significantly different from the mainstream; however, in this case, these beliefs cannot be entertained. If we choose to entertain them, and allow these people to act in accordance to their divisive mindset, it leads to chaos and the loss of innocent lives. We have a long way to go; and, I cannot suggest many actionable ways to effectively change this mindset, apart from simply promoting dialogue and perpetuating the importance of life, regardless of which religion it follows or which minority it belongs to. It’s high time we recognise ourselves as humans, and appeal to our one defining quality: our humanity.

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