Brexit - The Year Ahead

If there is one New Year’s Resolution I hope the European Elite, those still seeking to keep Britain in the European Union and the government all share it is to stop with their petty tirades. 2017 saw a festering pool of fear and fake-news pervade over the entire political discourse surrounding Brexit. This ranges from the Michelle Barnier claiming ‘Britain has to pay a price for Brexit’, some Remainers implicitly hoping old people die to keep Britain in the European Union, or the absolute uselessness of the government to articulate a post-Brexit vision for this country. All three in varying degrees of explicitness have condemned Brexit to be ‘toxic’ and something to be feared. In this short post, I’d like to dispel these myths and spell out what direction Brexit should take in 2018.

The European Elite have acted in exactly the way I expected them to act after Brexit. Petulant, child-like, unreasonable and so hilariously self-righteous and duplicitous that it makes Hillary Clinton look like a paragon of virtue and moral courage. Throughout 2017 the EU acted not as a negotiating partner but rather as a hostage taker. From leaking details of confidential meetings, to attempting to maliciously prize Northern Ireland away from the Union against the wishes of the Northern Irish people, the EU has acted like a bitter ex. The EU seems jealous that the UK is moving on to better things. In 2018, in the interests of the people of the EU, this has got to change.

Elite Remainers such as Peter Mandelson and Alistair Campbell continued in 2017 to treat the British people as oiks. Constantly attempting to shift the blame for Brexit, things turned to paranoia in 2017. Brexit voters were duped by the Vote Leaver bus, Remainers said. They were influenced by Kremlin backed social-media bots according to Guardian columnists. They were lied to by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, Remainers cried. Leave voters are not as stupid as many would have you believe. In 2018, instead of seeking to deflect and defend the failures of the European Union by creating ever elaborate hoaxes as to why people were just fools to vote for Brexit, my hope is remainers introspect. People voted to leave the European Union for a wide variety of credible reasons and the sooner they realize this, the sooner we can have a rational opposition to the government’s policy on Brexit.

Finally, the government has truly been an utter shambles when it comes to Brexit. Whenever Theresa May announces a policy with regard to Brexit, there is a very real credibility gap. This isn’t helped by the fact that ministers such as Philip Hammond and Amber Rudd continue to denigrate Brexit and shy away from taking the radical steps necessary to prepare Britain for leaving the European Union. The buck stops however with the Prime Minister and her total ineptitude to articulate a post-Brexit vision. She inspires as much excitement in the population as a bag of cold sick. In 2018, this has to be different.

The infighting and the petty squabbling has to stop. The government has to get their act together and take on the European negotiators with a clear, exciting, fool proof plan.

17.4 Million people voted to Leave the European Union in June 2016. This is the largest democratic mandate ever given by the British people; the European Elite, Elite Remainers and the Government are treating these people with contempt, each in their own unique way. The European Elite have always treated democratic decisions to go against European Integration with contempt.

This is damaging the European people; the people of the EU do not want to see Britain punished for a democratic decision. Some Remainers want to turn the clock back to a time where Nigel Farage didn’t exist and both Labour and the Conservatives gave their implicit support to further European integration. The democratic mandate is irrelevant. What matters to them is their profuse love for the European Project. The Government is betraying leave voters with its ineptitude and complete lack of excitement surrounding Brexit. People voted leave to take back control; in 2018, if all 3 stakeholders recognise this, then 2018 will be radically different to 2017. I’m not holding my breath.

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