What is life like as a PPE student?

So, it’s a new year, a new term and somehow, I already find myself behind on lectures, my readings and every soon to appear deadline.

What is life like as a PPE student?

My name is Motunrayo Onafowokan, many of you know me as Mo, I’m a first year PPE student and I’m excited to share my very many thoughts with you. Today, however, I want to move from the mind gripping, brain picking, thought provoking topics that philosophy, politics and economics present and settle with the reality of what it is and has been to study PPE at the University of Warwick.

Am I the only one who thought that PPE couldn’t be that challenging? After all I studied many subjects at the same time in GCSE’s and Sixth form? While they definitely don’t measure up to university, I never expected it to be this nerve racking to say the least.

Studying these many modules (an exaggeration? I think not) is a bit of a task and can often be very daunting. The endless politics readings and the continuous flow of pre-class questions can make one want to give up entirely, but it’s not all doom and gloom. There is beauty in the discipline. When asked by my friends, “How do you find your course?”, my initial reaction tends to be a sigh from the stress that has piled up since day one but, recently, I’ve let myself look past my initial reaction and hold on to my second one: I love my degree and though it requires a lot, none other can compete with its diversity. I mean, how interesting was the PPE symposium on Saturday? Yes, the weather was terrible and truthfully, I had my initial doubts but, I enjoyed it so much and it reminded me how intriguing PPE is.

So yes, PPE is stressful, but the truth is we knew what we were getting into. I know I’m definitely not the only one who got the “are you sure?” response when I said I was going to study PPE at the University of Warwick and I definitely remember nodding my head in assurance that I could handle it. And guess what? We can, and we will handle it and overcome this demanding, exhausting, challenging degree, first year at least cause, as they say, it doesn’t count, or does it?

Don’t die this week because you don’t want to miss our next post.

Love always,


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